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Developing the CLOSURE plan

  • Management to define and communicate action plan to all staff
  • Survey the site in line with implementing the action plan
  • Sample actions:
    • Wash up all stock and store safely
    • Run all washing machines on a high temperature cycle to disinfect
    • Isolate all equipment electrically and mechanically, review all services isolation
    • Review security procedures, risk assessments and COSHH implications
    • Communicate to customers
    • Notify insurance company
    • Arrange frequent inspection of premises following closure, photograph key areas
    • Carry out a fire risk assessment before leaving the premises, take meter readings
    • Carry out a stock, equipment and vehicle inventory, photograph as necessary
    • Consider the Re-Opening Plan

Sample checklist (CTW)

Refer to detailed checklist (TSA guide). Also see CTW Code of Practice.

  1. Empty machine
  2. Drain machine
  3. Drain tanks
  4. Blow out debris, lint from motors
  5. Grease all bearings (Self lub. bearings N/A)
  6. Clean control panel
  7. Cover control panel
  8. Cover screens, keyboards
  9. Lubricate chains (If fitted)
  10. PLC Control (Replace battery?)
  11. Disconnect services
  12. Note: – Electricity supply to be left connected


Re-opening plan (sample points)

  • Survey site in detail and compile report (minimum 2 persons), photographs
  • Carry out fire risk and general risk assessment for all aspects
  • Inspect services, take meter readings re-activate services
  • Inspect equipment and action commissioning (reverse shut down procedure), with due caution
  • Prepare for processing work
  • Review staff training requirements
  • Implement detailed risk assessment review for all activities

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